Insight on overpopulation

August 5, 2014

Unscientific, but ever thought that killing may be the cause of overpopulation? War for instance causes the souls to split and be reincarnate into the offending country or in some relationship to that country, which is then required to accommodate their needs. OK OK – an intuitive thought.

I see some of this in the racial status of the US. Cross births, learning to love one’s self and as a result each other’s race. It’s a radical idea.

It literally happened after the Vietnam war as we brought rural village people into the US, then helped them adjust to life in a radically different environment.


The spongy earth

December 31, 2011

I’ve been contemplating the idea that the environment absorbs everything. I know this seems quite literal, but when considered in terms of events and activities it becomes a different thing.  I fact I’ve talked about the idea that how we treat substances, even a piece of metal it is changed, by forging it into a handle and for instance, that energy of forging has an effect on the metal, literally, and the metal itself becomes into a new experience. I don’t think I am trying to say that the metal has consciousness, but the world does, and in that context this change in the metal has an effect. There is energy in everything, and every change is a shift of energy, we cause change.

Are these changes recorded? You bet they are recorded in our bodies, our minds, and in bodies and minds of every living thing. A butterfly wing perhaps?


Images and artworks copywrite S. Lovett

Root Sutra

August 10, 2008

Sutra: to stitch with intention

Root sutra

blood path



Earth place

root ease

peace please

deep lul

reap sow sew reap

blood root

deep place

keep clean

winnow weed comb rake

inquire within


Paradise Lost

January 22, 2007

“Paradise Now”

desolate suspense

truth is frightening


tense entire profile: repeated

loss no alternative

missing bomb locked to his

body doesn’t have key




beyond control

fate escapes



Environmental Peace

January 9, 2007

Unfortunately hunting or scouting in a supervised situation does not offer the same result.

So, what is it that unsupervised free play in nature does to the psyche? Could it be that when an unsupervised child plays they are in nature and form a bond? I think it’s that there is no hierarchy. The child sees nature as being on the same level as they are and the resulting play is that of being part rather than apart.

I was also in a discussion group about peace recently reading articles from “Shift” an IONS publication with a series of articles on The Science of Peace.

Peace is an internal state of accepting ones self and ones shadow as being in a constant flow, not fixed but continually changing. The world also needs to be viewed as a place of continual change in which no structure can be truly solid unless it can flow and move as needed.

The other point is that finding peace requires going beyond thought. Perhaps peace is not an intellectual state, but a being state. Perhaps the most interesting observation that came from the discussion is that there are many structures in place that are poised support a shift from the dualistic consumer driven model we now inhabit, to a more ecological interdependently aware one. Is peace beyond comprehension? Or is is a state of mind, can it even be a collective experience?

Chimera’s Root

November 20, 2006

This site is an art exploration into change.


transformed; the world continues


The artist paints with form.

form takes place in words

form takes words in

form take swords in


blood flows carefully

a spongy sphere

Earth takes in all.